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1clickactions were featured on the cover mounted disk of issue 126 of Digital Photographer magazine.

Reviews & Testimonials

When looking for Photoshop actions reviews the best place is from the customers themselves, here are just a few of our users’ comments

“Just wanted to let you know how I’m in AWE of your actions.  It is clearly one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Right now I’m so overwhelmed because there are so many but I have enjoyed trying each of them out.  I must say your work is INCREDIBLE and will give my photos the finishing touch to tell a story.   I’ve been in “One-Click Action Mode” full force since last Thursday.  Most importantly, your customer service you gave me is the BEST I’ve ever received.

Thank you and I will certainly be telling others about your actions.  Now, all you need is a t-shirt so we can purchase one.  Being a graphic artist/photographer,  I would certainly wear one 🙂 “

Cindy VolpeEdmond, OKMemories and More Photography

“I am like a kid in a candy store working with your actions. They are truly amazing. I purchased one set from “Craig’s Actions” and it was $240.00. Yours are superior to his and I can’t believe your low prices for such a high quality product.

I’m training to become a professional portrait retouch artist and have been practicing a great deal with pictures semi-professional photographers have taken. Some of the picture quality has been pretty bad, but your actions saved a few great shots that were underexposed….With just one click.

Mark CarpenterBaton Rouge

“I just wanted to say thank you for the Action Station program. It’s a great timesaver and solves the biggest problem I had with Photoshop actions – how to manage them! It’s an essential tool and by far the best solution I’ve seen.” 

Jennifer WhittakerMaine

“Many thanks to John at 1clickactions for all of his aftersales help. I cannot recommend the service enough, the actions are superb and so easy to use, I have tried quite a few from other sources but nothing matches up to these for their ease of use and final output.”

Graham CustanceUK

“I just want to say your actions are incredibly well done. I own Ideal Impressions Photography which has 8 photographers and shoots 150 weddings every year. Our claim to fame is to set up flat panel LCD’s and data projectors and screens everywhere during the reception and have images of the couple and family flashing at strategic locations throughout the reception. The evening gets started just before the first dance when we show a slideshow on huge screens with photos and video of the couples lives together finished with 30-50 images and video that we have just caught. As you can imagine keeping a super fast automated workflow is
crucial to our success on the wedding day. I have purchased and researched every available tool from David Jay’s Showit to Kevin Kubota’s action’s and
I have to say that your 1click’s are the simplest to use, quickest, and in my opinion overall best I have seen.

About this time last year I compiled a list of scripts and actions on our “workhorse” laptop. I encouraged our two editors to move actions that they
used the most and found to be the favorite to the top of the actions list where they are quickly accessible, last week I looked at them and nearly all
of them where 1click’s! Nice Job John. Keep up the great work.” 

Ryan BensheimerIdeal Impressions Photography, USIdeal Impressions Photography

“I have to say that I was dubious as to how good the actions would be, especially when I took into consideration the cheap price, but they’re absolutely superb. They certainly stack up against the set of actions I recently bought for £125 (I just wish I’d seen yours before shelling out all of that money!)”

“Thanks for the update. Have to say that I’m using the actions on pretty much every photo I process these days. In particular (and daft though it sounds), the colour cast removal has been a godsend. I shoot indoor ice hockey each week  and the lighting in the arena can cause some dodgy greeny/yellow casts over photos. That action alone was worth the combined price of the entire set to me!”

Mark TredgoldUK

“I already downloaded different plug-ins but I always find them to be a bit too much, but your actions are nice and subtle (I hope thats the right way to say it) Thanks again and keep up the good work”


“I appreciate your attention to detail and that you care that the actions are good ones. That sets you apart!”

“… this action is fantastic!!! I have already used it soooo many times! I simply could not function without your actions!!! I’ve been telling everyone I know, and I hope they’re listening to me! Thanks for all you do!” 

Shirley JonesUS

“Thank you so very much….! My photos wouldn’t be the same without these actions!” 

L. Foley

“I have already made my money back from using the actions – first shoot fantastic. For sometime i have been trying to get pure white background “venture” style and the popglows do that with one click amazing.”

R. BettamUK

Thanks for the great customer service!  I definitely will be buying more actions.

K ReilandUS

“Thank you so much John for answering all my questions. You have superb customer service.( A quality that is VERY hard to find nowadays, especially if the client already bought the product) I will definitely recommend your site to all my friends and family members! I am very happy with your actions! I get fantastic results on my photos. God bless.”


I must have spent over a $1000 on various action sets but I just wish I’d seen your earlier. Thet compare favorably with actions from better known names that cost 3 and 4 times as much for far less. The DVD is an absolute steal!

CJ DennisUS

Thank you for all of your help…(I will keep this short because I cannot wait to install the actions and get to playing with them!)
The actions are so very awesome…. I could sit for days and keep coming up with ways to use them…. and I love that they are adjustable too… so there are tons of variations from each one! Fabulous (and I never use that word!)



Freya (aged 6)OK, so this one’s a little biased 🙂

1 Click has some of the best customer service I have ever had to use in the software industry. I had some issues in making some purchases and John got me squared away with everything in a very timely fashion. It is refreshing to see this these days.

Sheldon Simpson