Volume 9 Pro – released 25th November

The Pro update to Volume 9 (the wedding set or the Light & Dark set) is due for release 25th November. The Windows version is completed but the Mac version should be ready by the release date.
The new set included all the actions from the existing Volume 9 with the size awareness functions added for greater consistency across a range of images. There are also 6 or 7 (I really should count them) new actions added.

Currently they work with CS4 and CS5 but CS3 compatibility will be added shortly after the release date. CS2 versions won’t be included initially but might be added depending on demand.

What versions of Photoshop are people using nowadays?


1clickPRO – “Razor Lite”

Just added a new action to the 1-click actions ‘Pro’ set. ‘Razor Lite’ is a variation of the Razor I action but designed to target just the edges of the image without affecting areas of flat tone.


1clickPRO webpage

A few more details regarding the 1click ‘pro’ actions can be found at the Pro actions web page. The new actions (or more accurately scripts and actions) should be available on or around the 22nd June.As usual ther’ll be discounts for existing customers.