DVD/The Works version 4

Looking to get this out late November, early December. The new version will contain all the items in the 1clickactions catalogue inclusing the Batch Image Processor.

There’s also an updated installer to handle all the ‘non-action’ components.


Action Station 2 video

A short video showing the user interface of the forthcoming Action Station 2 program.
MP4 downloadable version or if you want to view it in your browser the link is


Border & Texture App – web page

Starting to put together the webpage for the new Border and Texture Applicator program. There’s more tto follow but hopefuilly it will give an idea of what its all about.

There’s a link to the updated user guide on the page as well. If all goes to plan we should be looking at a release on either Sunday or Monday.


Discounts from Christmas

There’s still a few unused discounts from the Christmas freebies that haven’t been used. I’d set the expiry date as 1st June so if you have one of the 25% dicsount codes it needs using soon.