Action Station 2 video

A short video showing the user interface of the forthcoming Action Station 2 program.
MP4 downloadable version or if you want to view it in your browser the link is


Downloads area

As you might have noticed we’ve been having a few problems with the Downloads and Gallery area of the 1clickactions User Group. The issue has been resolved and bothe are working again.

Just to remind everyome that there a few free downloads of actions, tutorials etc in the downloads section that all user group members can access.


Photoshop CS4 – a word about compatibility.

Hopefully there will be no major issues with Photoshop CS4 when it arrive but we will update the actions if necessary to make sure they are compatible.

The impending release of CS4 has made us delay the release of the “Pro” actions so that we can make sure that all our products work with all recent versions of Photoshop.

It is likely however that new actions will be targetted at CS2 upwards so that we can make use of newer Photoshop feautres. We will continue to support PS7 with our existing actions (and many new ones will no doubt work OK) but we don’t want to hold ourselves back by neglecting the newer possibilities.

We will wait until the full version is available rather than testing on a Beta so it will be a few weeks after we receive CS4 before we can complete the necessary testing. If anyone is aware of any problems with 1-click actions and the CS4 beta please let us know.