Major changes ahead

The next few weeks should see quite a few changes at 1clickactionsm, with new releases and pricing changes to some of the older items.

As many of you will be aware some of the actions have been available for several years and whilst they are still perfectly functional they are no longer “the latest thing” so we’ll be offering many of the sets at greatly reduced prices some of them will be available free or on a “pay what you like basis”. There’ll be more details coming shortly but if you are looking to purchase any items at the moment please get in touch first and there might be a pleasant surprise when it comes to the pricing.

There will also be a new action set coming soon as well as the long delayed “modular toolbox” where you can build you own “actions” by combining elements from the toolkit. This will probably be available in both a visual and standard version (one with previews and one without). The basic idea will be similar to Script Box on steroids.





The Works from 1clickactions

The Works V – now available

1clickactions The Works V DVDThe Works V is now on sale and includes all the current 1clickactions and Visual Actions including the new Volume 12 action set. Available on DVD or as a download prices start at $365 but existing 1clickactions custromers can get a custom upgrade price and save money.


A 350 page PDF guide is included with The Works but can also be download separately  here.



Visual Black and White on sale now.

The first of the ‘Visual Series’ – Visual Black and White  went on sale today at $34.95. Existing customers should have received a newsletter with the discount code.

Visual BW includes around 25 color to BW conversion routines, over 20 toning effects (including some interesting vintage simulations) and over 20 borders and edges . All elements can be run separately or in combination (so that’s a lot of possible variations!) and the result can be previewed on your own photo so you can check out the result before you run it.

You can add your own borders and edges too – Visual BW will size and position them for you automatically (à la VBW) and you get to preview the results.



Tweaking actions for BIP

Most actions will work with BIP (Batch Image Processor) but some might need tweaking. The main problem will be with actions that have stop messages (this should work but will stop to display messages) and actions that create a new image rather than working on the original.

If any BIP owners have a particular action that they desperately want to use in BIP but don’t feel thaey can edit it themselves let me lknow and I might be able to make the necessary changes for you.

This only applies to our own actions though as it wouldn’t be right to edit any other company’s products. If you want to do it yourself though I might be able to help 🙂


Action Station 2 and multiple actions

A couple of Action Station 2 users have pointed out that on rare occasions an action will be run twice when run through Action Station 2.

The reason you might see this is you have the same action set installed more than once in your palette. Action Station creates a tag for each action based on the set name and action name (an internal tag might be something like myactionset1_myfirstaction) this system lets you assign keywords unique to each action; so you can have an action called ‘sepia’ in more than one set and Action Station 2 lets you add different keywords to each action.
However if you have the same set installed twice then the identifier tag is duplicated and since Action Station uses these tags to run the action the action will run twice.

So in summary you can have the duplicated action names (eg 2 actions called ‘sepia’ in different sets) or even duplicated set names (eg ‘blackandwhite’) but you shouldn’t have both.

You don’t need the same set installed twice but you might forget and install it again. So if you do get the same action running more than once this is the cause.


Volume 11?

The new set of actions is still planned for the 24th – unless I can come up with a better name it will be called Volume 11.
A few examples are online at the Volume 11 web page

Here's an example of 'Eden' - as in the former Prime Minister, not the garden.

1clickactions logo symbol

Which actions are intelligent?

Over the past year or so we have introduced certain actions sets that are ‘size-aware’ – ie the adjust themselves to take into account the image size (and other factors as well in some cases) – here’s a list of the ‘intelligent’ sets.


Portrait Kit

Volume 9 Pro and also Visual 9 Pro

Although not actions as such the Border and Texture Applicator is fully size aware in that it will work the same with any size border and texture file and will give the same result without manual resizing no matter what your original image’s dimensions. The same applies to Visual BAT of course

Some effects in Script Box also feature size awareness. For example the WCBright painting effect will give the same result no matter what size the original image is.

Remember that the ‘intelligent’ actions are no harder to use than standard actions – you can run them from the action palette or Action Station just as you would with any other action.


ScriptBox in action

Just posted a short (30seconds!) video showing the ScriptBox user interface and simple it is to use.

Script Box video demo


1clickSB (ScriptBox) – due our Friday 27th

Hopefully we should have the new release available Friday of this week – there’s a few more details and links on our Facebook page.


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