1clickPRO – “Razor Lite”

Just added a new action to the 1-click actions ‘Pro’ set. ‘Razor Lite’ is a variation of the Razor I action but designed to target just the edges of the image without affecting areas of flat tone.


1clickPRO webpage

A few more details regarding the 1click ‘pro’ actions can be found at the Pro actions web page. The new actions (or more accurately scripts and actions) should be available on or around the 22nd June.As usual ther’ll be discounts for existing customers.



A few of you may have heard about the “Pro” Actions we intend releasing later this year so if you have any suggestions on what you would like to be included then feel free to let me know. As well as new actions some of the older ones will be modified and improved. The main changes so far have been to the PopGlow actions but place your requests now and I’ll see what I can do.