silver effect from the Script Box addon Pack 1

Free addon pack for Script Box

Owners of Script Box can download a free addon pack of BW tones.
The update can be downloaded from

To install just select either the Mac or Windows version and run the installer. The next time you run ScriptBox you should see a new category called “BW Tones” with around a dozen effects.

If you don’t have ScriptBox already installed then the installer will fail.

silver effect from the Script Box addon Pack 1


Photoshop CS5 and action errors

There’s a slight issue for anyone using Photoshop CS5 in that not all the brushes that were installed by default with CS4 are there in the new version. This will throw an error with any action that calls for a specific brush.

The ‘Tooth Fairy’ action in Volume 3 is an example of this and will display an error message when used with CS5.

How to deal with this problem?

Option 1: Uncheck the step that calls for the particular brush.
Option 2: Install the brush.
Option 3: Let me know and I’ll send you an updated action.


New actions update

…for those of you asking there are 2 new sets on the way – the 1clickactions Toolkit and the 1clickactions Portrait Toolkit.

The Portrait set will be first and should be available by the end of the month (in action form) with a scripted version to follow afterwards. It is a streamlined retouching kit – an improved Volume 3 if you like – with a more logical set of tools.

More info soon 🙂


Website changeover

There’s the possibility that the 1clickactions website/forum/blog will be down for a while over the next day or two (11th-12th Feb 2010) whilst our hosting is transferred to a new server (or servers)- we’ll be trying to keep this to a minimum but it’s likely a short period offline will occur.



Windows 7…it’s seems pretty good.

First impressions are much better than when I installed Vista. Decided to do a clean install rather than the upgrade but it make you realise how much stuff (ie junk) you have on your computer. There would have been too long a downtime to dump Vista straight away though so it’s now running happily in a Virtual Machine on the Windows 7 desktop.

I’d hoped to get the QuickLayout 2 released today but the Windows 7 switchover might delay it for a few days until I get organized.


Working again

The problems with the User Group are now sorted and everything’s working again.