Action Station 2 – next week

We are looking to release Action Station 2 next week. The new release has a lot of extra features such as the ability to add keywords, descriptions and even linked images to your actions.


Action Station 2 video

A short video showing the user interface of the forthcoming Action Station 2 program.
MP4 downloadable version or if you want to view it in your browser the link is


Action Station 2

Action Station 2 will hopefully go out for testing next week. Still at an early stage but I’ve firmed up the feature set (I think).

There’ll be the option to add your own keywords to actions (and be able to search on them), the ability to add a description to actions and also the possibility of adding a sample image to actions so that you can see if that sepia tone really is the one you want.

In effect you’ll be able to use the keywords to assign to categories, mark as favorites and even virtually rename the action to suit – all without changing the action name. Also hopefully there’ll be the option of running more than one action at the same time.