Major changes ahead

The next few weeks should see quite a few changes at 1clickactionsm, with new releases and pricing changes to some of the older items.

As many of you will be aware some of the actions have been available for several years and whilst they are still perfectly functional they are no longer “the latest thing” so we’ll be offering many of the sets at greatly reduced prices some of them will be available free or on a “pay what you like basis”. There’ll be more details coming shortly but if you are looking to purchase any items at the moment please get in touch first and there might be a pleasant surprise when it comes to the pricing.

There will also be a new action set coming soon as well as the long delayed “modular toolbox” where you can build you own “actions” by combining elements from the toolkit. This will probably be available in both a visual and standard version (one with previews and one without). The basic idea will be similar to Script Box on steroids.





LR presets from 1clickactions

New Lightroom Presets – Volume 4 now available

A new set of Lightroom Presets is now available.



Designed for Lightroom versions 4 or 5 the new set has 35 new presets and costs $22.95.


Aperture/Lightroom workflow and PS actions

A customer recently raised an issue concerning the actions and Aperture and the fact that some of the actions create duplicate documents – ie they have a different name.

As part of the Aperture workflow (correct me if I’m wrong as I don’t use Aperture) it is more streamlined to keep the same filename so that the image can be brought in from Aperture, edited in Photoshop and then sent back to Aperture. I can see the benefits of this approach but I’m also aware that somepeople actually prefer a new document.

I’ve written a short javascript that will copy the duplicate document (and all it’s layers) back to the original file as a new layer group and delete the duplicate file. The Aperture->Photoshop->Aperture workflow can then be kept without manually having to rename files or copy layers.

If you want to add this to any of your actions then you need to download the ‘CopytoOriginal.jsx’ file from and save it somewhere convenient on your PC – the ‘1clickscripts’ folder might be a good idea – and then add a call command from your actions. If you don’t really know what this means and you’re not happy editing actions then it might be best not to do it 🙂

Here’s how if you want to try:
Before you edit any actions it might be an idea to just run the script from the menus first.

In the Photoshop action palette highlight the action that creates a duplicate file and then click ‘Record’ – from the Photoshop menu select, File-Scripts-Browse and navigate to the location where you saved the CopytoOriginal.jsx file. Open the file let it run and then hit Stop record. This will add a new command to the action that runs the script.

The end result will then be that the action does its stuff on your orinal file (still preserving the background layer though) so that it can go back into Aperture.

One thing to watch out for is that there should just be the one open image (and its duplicate) but this shouldn’t be a major issue.

The same process will be useful to Lightroom users too. It should work on any actions from other sources too not just 1clickactions.

If you need any help ask 🙂


Lightroom Presets – Updated

Customers who purchased the Lightroom presets on or before the 12th April 2009 should re-download using the username/password from their order email to get a free update. The presets now have a version that works better with RAW files and also presets for Adobe Camera Raw (ACR).


Lightroom Presets – preview

Although they’re not quite ready yet there’s a preview of our first full set of Lightroom presets up on the website. There will be around 30 presets in the set and the before and after examples can be seen at our Lightroom Presets page.


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