Lightroom Presets – Updated

Customers who purchased the Lightroom presets on or before the 12th April 2009 should re-download using the username/password from their order email to get a free update. The presets now have a version that works better with RAW files and also presets for Adobe Camera Raw (ACR).


Volume 3 free update.

I think that all those who have asked for the Volume 3 update have been sent it, so if you have emailed us we should have answered by now. If not please try emailing again as you’ve slipped through the net.


Forthcoming releases

There should be an update to Volume 3 in the next few weeks, with one or two new actions. The update will be free to all existing Volume 3 customers and any new customers who purchase Volume 3 before the new actions are added will also get the update.

There will also be the Tone Curves coming out in the next few weeks, these will be free to the 1-click DVD owners.

After that hopefully the Lightroom and Camera Raw presets will see the light of day followed by another set of actions that might be called Volume 8 (but then again they might be called Volume 11).