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Which actions are intelligent?

Over the past year or so we have introduced certain actions sets that are ‘size-aware’ – ie the adjust themselves to take into account the image size (and other factors as well in some cases) – here’s a list of the ‘intelligent’ sets.


Portrait Kit

Volume 9 Pro and also Visual 9 Pro

Although not actions as such the Border and Texture Applicator is fully size aware in that it will work the same with any size border and texture file and will give the same result without manual resizing no matter what your original image’s dimensions. The same applies to Visual BAT of course

Some effects in Script Box also feature size awareness. For example the WCBright painting effect will give the same result no matter what size the original image is.

Remember that the ‘intelligent’ actions are no harder to use than standard actions – you can run them from the action palette or Action Station just as you would with any other action.


Volume 9 Pro – released 25th November

The Pro update to Volume 9 (the wedding set or the Light & Dark set) is due for release 25th November. The Windows version is completed but the Mac version should be ready by the release date.
The new set included all the actions from the existing Volume 9 with the size awareness functions added for greater consistency across a range of images. There are also 6 or 7 (I really should count them) new actions added.

Currently they work with CS4 and CS5 but CS3 compatibility will be added shortly after the release date. CS2 versions won’t be included initially but might be added depending on demand.

What versions of Photoshop are people using nowadays?


Photoshop CS5 and action errors

There’s a slight issue for anyone using Photoshop CS5 in that not all the brushes that were installed by default with CS4 are there in the new version. This will throw an error with any action that calls for a specific brush.

The ‘Tooth Fairy’ action in Volume 3 is an example of this and will display an error message when used with CS5.

How to deal with this problem?

Option 1: Uncheck the step that calls for the particular brush.
Option 2: Install the brush.
Option 3: Let me know and I’ll send you an updated action.