Who enjoys reading small print? Plimus/Bluesnap hope you don’t!

I certainly don’t but it’s just as well I decided to check out the new Plimus/BlueSnap license terms and conditions – quite easy to miss a small hyperlink in clause 36 of the new (dis)agreement!

Anyone more cynical than me could have easily got the impression that they wanted them to just click the big “I agree” button without wading through all the waffle. Not that I would ever think such a thing of course.

Bye bye Plimus!




No more Plimus

From the end of April 2013 all orders will be processed by FastSpring rather than Plimus/Bluesnap. We’ve been with Plimus for a long time but changes in their contracts (very conveniently hidden away in a load of small print) mean that we no longer feel they are suitable or economically viable.

From a customer point of view nothing much changes, all it means is that you will be directed to our store on FastSpring rather than the old store. Some of the newer items have been released through FastSpring already and they have been very reliable. As always you will get he download links as soon as the payment goes through.