Batch Image Processor 1.34

Should be a minor update to the Photoshop Batch Image Processor (BIP) available soon. Version 1.34 has a couple of bug fixes and also the ability to make flattening optional during the batching process. The update will be free to existing customers.


The Works IV revision 2 now available.


Tweaking actions for BIP

Most actions will work with BIP (Batch Image Processor) but some might need tweaking. The main problem will be with actions that have stop messages (this should work but will stop to display messages) and actions that create a new image rather than working on the original.

If any BIP owners have a particular action that they desperately want to use in BIP but don’t feel thaey can edit it themselves let me lknow and I might be able to make the necessary changes for you.

This only applies to our own actions though as it wouldn’t be right to edit any other company’s products. If you want to do it yourself though I might be able to help 🙂