33 new actions designed for general use but of particular interest to portrait and wedding photographers.

These new actions provide both soft and rougher looks in the two sets provided – the “1clickLights” and the “1clickDarks”.

The actions are not intended to replace the Portrait actions in Volume 3 (you would still use the Volume 3 actions for skin retouching for example) as the Volume 9 actions apply global effects to your images. Where necessary they create layer masks for you to apply the effects locally. As usual with 1-click actions this set is very easy to use and yet still fully adjustable.

If you are wedding professional or just looking for new ideas for your images Volume 9 could be just what you need. 

  • ag
  • cp
  • dw
  • gg
  • ir
  • lois
  • ls
  • ms
  • pg
  • tnn
  • yag

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Volume 9



darks lights