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Unfortunately with the convenience and immediacy of digital capture comes the tedium of organising and resizing images for various purposes.

An image prepared for the printer will be far too large to display on the web and likewise an image prepared for display will be too small to print.

We also take more pictures than ever before which means yet more time resizing images.

Suppose you have a folder of images that you want to print at 10×8″, display on your web album, and also create thumbnails for your image catalogue. To go through each image in turn would ruin an evening!

This is where Volume 6 of the actions comes in. Using the 1-Click Batch Resizers you can resize the whole folder in a few mouse clicks. Run the “Size200 + Sharpen Batch” action to create a folder of 200pixel thumbnails. For the web you might choose the “Size800 + Sharpen Batch” for a folder of 800 pixel images @72dpi. Finally for print you might choose “Size 10″(300dpi)Batch” for a folder of 10inch images at 300dpi.

One additional plus point is that it doesn’t matter whether your original images are landscape or portrait format (horizontal or vertical) as the actions will automatically size the longest dimension to fit. No need to sort out the landscape and portraits into separate folders!

Also included is an Incremental UpRes action that increases your image size in several separate incremental steps rather than in one go a procedure that in some cases can improve image quality.

Volume 6 of 1-Click Actions – not the most exciting but just think of what you can do with the time you save!.

Additionally Volume 6 contains a set of actions to create edges around your images. There are 12 black and 12 white. They don’t really replace our Borders & Edges but they can provide a quick finishing touch to your photograph.

Volume 6 – Resizing & Output Preparation Actions