Dodge & Burn, Vignettes and Sharpening actions

Many photographs benefit from subtle dodging or burning but the dodge & burn tool in Photoshop does not produce realistic effects. 1Click Actions Volume 4 comprises a series of 1Click actions to add subtle shading or lightening to various parts of the image.

The actions are not intended to create “special effects” merely to balance out and enhance the tonality of the image.

Volume 4 also includes a comprehensive set of 1-Click adjustable sharpening actions both full image and selective sharpening. Simply click the sharpening action suitable for your image – no need to worry about complex settings, simply run and adjust afterwards if necessary. A brief guide to which action is suitable for what type of image is included.

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Photoshop actions Volume 4

Actions for Photoshop CS2 and later.

Dodge & Burn, vignettes, soft edges and 1-Click Sharpening Actions Kit



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