1Click Actions Volume Two – Toning and Split-Tone Photoshop actions

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This volume of actions consists of two separate sets – 1click Toned Prints and 1Click Split-Toned prints. Although designed for monochrome images many users are using these on colour images to great effect. Split toning achieved a subtle effect where the shadows and highlights of an image are given different tones. Successful results were difficult to achieve in the darkroom – now they are 1click easy! (The strength of the split tone actions can easily be adjusted to suit.)

The are several tones included: 4 sepia variations, platinum, palladium, cyanotype, selenium, VanDyck, Kallitype, copper, gold tone, bronzesilver, varitone.

Black and White toning actions

As well as the traditional full tones 15 split tone actions are included:




Lith effects and a “Victorian” old photo effect are also included in Volume 2



The toning effect can be adjusted easily between 0-100% and often the more subtle tones can be effective.

Van Dyck tone

Photoshop actions Volume 2

A collection of old and new previously unreleased actions. There’s no particular theme – a few glow types, grunge types, vintage effects etc.

This set requires Photoshop 7 or later


BW toning and split toning actions