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Photoshop actions Volume 1 (essentials)

Over 60 actions are included in Volume 1 – day to day routines like exposure modification, B&W conversions, glows and soft focus.

This set requires Photoshop 7 or later


Essential Photoshop actions

Essential Photoshop actions

bw essentials1 essentials2 essentials3 glows

Note how the colours have been enhanced without blowing out the highlights – check the clear glass stems and bases.
There are 2 color boost actions Low and Hi – the strength of each is fully adjustable.

Cross Processing Actions
Once the preserve of fashion photographers the cross processed look is now popular for portraiture as well. Achieve the the look with a single click. 2 versions are included in Volume 1.

Diffusion Actions
There are a range of soft-focus or diffusion actions included in the set. DarkroomDiffuser which simulates diffusion at the printing stage with greyscale images, camera diffuser, dream diffuser and this example DramaDiffuser.

The Glow 1-click actions are ideal child portraiture – especially the higher key versions