Photoshop actions Volume 3

Retouching portraits is a rewarding but time-consuming task, this new release makes the job quick and easy – as simple as “1-Click” and then painting with a brush.

Volume 3 consists of 2 actions sets – The Portrait Retouching set and the Portrait Effect set.

The retouching set is invaluable both for professional portraits and for quickly improving the casual snap. It includes routines for removing skin blemishes, freckles and wrinkles. When you are happy with the skin you can improve teeth and eyes. Also included is a 1-Click QuickBoost action for immediate results.

The effect set has several 1-click dramatic portrait effects, including MistyBlue, MistySepia, CopperGlow, Porcelain skin and others. Remember both sets are included in Volume 3 of “1-Click Actions”.

These sets of actions include all you might need for portrait work in Photoshop, why spend $$$ on expensive plug in packs?

This set requires Photoshop CS2 and later




port2 v3up

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