Visual Black and White

Visual Black & White is an addon for Photoshop CS4 and later for converting color images to black and white. Although based fundamentally on Photoshop actions VBW takes this much further by offering the ability to preview the results before you run them. It also facilitates adding tones and borders and edges  and combining these with the conversion actions. Additionally VBW applies the borders and edges automtically without the manual resizing and positioning required with most action sets.

You can also save your preferred combinations as presets for future use.

Download the Visual Black & White user guide – vbwguide

Visual Black and White user interface

Visual Black and White user interface

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Visual B&W




  • 26 Color to Black and White conversions
  • 24 tone effects
  • 20 border and edge effects (can also be applied inverted) automatically positioned and sized to match your image.
  • Adjust Brightness and contrast from user interface
  • Combine and combination of conversion, tone and border in one pass
  • Preview combined result without running on final image
  • Save settings as presets for future use
  • Add your own borders and edges
  • Creates dodge and burn layer.
  • Creates sharpening layer.