Visual Borders & Textures

Visual BAT for Photoshop CS4, CS5,CS6 and CC.

Visual BAT lets you quickly and accurately apply borders and textures to your photographs in Photoshop CS4 or later. Visual BAT takes care of all the sizing and positioning and lets you preview the result before applying it to the final images.
Over 50 borders and textures are included but you can use any of your existing borders and textures files including those from the original BAT program, third parties or those you create yourself.

Download the Visual BAT User Guide

Visual BAT user interface

Visual BAT



  • Applies borders (no manual resizing or positioning required)
  • Applies textures (no manual resizing or positioning required)
  • Apply border and texture at the same time
  • Over 50 image files included (std version)
  • User your own borders and texture files
  • Included additional effects (vintage, grunge etc)
  • Remove texture locally
  • Remove texture locally but leave color of texture file in place
  • Use files from original BAT