Visual 9 PRO

Visual Volume 9 Pro  is an addon for Photoshop CS4, CS 5, CS6 and CC that offers a range of effects for general use but particularly suitable for wedding and portrait photographers. V9P is an extension of the original 1clickactions wedding and portrait actions sets and adds live previews and size awareness features – automatically changing settings more suited to the image size.

In addition to the base effects Visual 9 Pro offers a selection of finishing effects and enhancements such as adding into the light simulation and highlight preservation (great for those wedding dresses). Also included is a range of borders and edges that can be added to your photographs without any manual resizing or positioning. Effects can be added either separately or in combination with the finisher actions and the boredrs and edges.

You can also save your preferred combinations as presets for future use.

Download the Visual 9 Pro Guide

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Visual 9 PRO




  • Actions are ‘size aware’ and adjust their settings internally based on image size.
  • 44 ‘base’ effect actions.
  • 24 supplementary ‘finisher’ actions.
  • 23 border and edge effects (can also be applied inverted) automatically positioned and sized to match your image.
  • Adjust Brightness and contrast from user interface.
  • Combine actions from each group in a single pass.
  • Preview combined result without running on final image.
  • Save settings as presets for future use.
  • Add your own borders and edges.
  • Creates dodge and burn layer.
  • Creates sharpening layer.