Script Box

Script Box is just as easy to run as standard actions but has it’s own user interface for running the effects as technically they are not actions at all but enhanced versions using Photoshop scripts.

The “actions” – pass the mouse over the image for before/after comparisons.

1clickactions Tobacco Silk

Tobacco Silk

Syrup effect from Script Box

Syrup + Texture

Ware color effect action for Photoshop

Water Color Effect

Slideshow with more examples of the paint effects included with Script Box.

Photoshop Script Box

1clickSB is a new set of actions/scripts run from a single user interface. The different effects are grouped into categories and can be add to a ‘favorites’ group. The first release contains around 20 new effects/utilities and 2 new free addon packs are already available..ScriptBox Addon Packs – ScriptBox can be extended with extra effects supplied in addon packs – Addon Packs 1 and 2 are free to ScriptBox owners.


System Requirements: Please note that Photoshop CS5,CS6 or CC is required (PC or Mac – 32 or 64bit)


Mouse over for before and after samples.

Dirty Knees

Soft Color PopSoft Color Pop