Pro Portrait Kit – Photoshop portrait retouching actions with size awareness (CS2 and later)

The 1clickactions Portrait Kit is a set of Photoshop actions combined with Photoshop scripts to offer accuracy and control at a greater level than previously available. Invariably Photoshop actions make compromises in the settings they contain and don’t always achieve optimum results with images of various sizes. The 1clickactions PortraitKit solves this problem by determining the size of the image automatically and changing its settings to suit. The new Portrait Kit is the second set of actions to feature size awareness – the other set being the 1clickPRO actions – but once installed you use them as easily as any other action.

For a brief article on the effects of image size see “Why size matters” at the 1clickactions blog.

Download the 1clickactions PortraitKit User Guide


The SkinBrush
actions are designed to just work on the skin where you apply the effect. Size awareness a feature of these actions and results in the ability to achieve high levels of skin quality without destroying all the detail—skin pores should still be visible and these actions take steps to make sure that this is the case.

Versions of the skin brush action are included that take into account adjacent colours so that the skin tones are not affected by bright clothing etc.


MaleSkin TuneUp

Male skin can sometimes do with a boost too so an action designed for this task is included. It works in a similar way to the skin brush actions but applies less softening and emphasises detail.


Eye Fixer

The Eye Fixer actions include separate layers for boosting colours, adding details, emphasising catchlights, brightening the whites and darkening pupils and lashes.


Works to reduce the yellow colour in teeth and also to brighten. Both options can be adjusted independently to meet the needs of the subject.

Highkey BW

Creates a duplicate image with an adjustable HighKey effect. This is an improved version of the highkey BW action that first appeared in volume 3.

PortraitLift + SkinSoft2

This example shows the combination of the PortraitLift action and the Skinsoft2 action. The Photoshop healing brush was used first on the red mark on the girl on the left’s chin but other than that there was no manual retouching, just running the two actions.

The SkinSoft actions are useful when you don’t want to apply the retouching manually with a brush.


Portrait retouching is not just about softening skin, occasionally we want to emphasise the details in faces. The Macho action creates both colour and BW versions – the strength of which can be easily adjusted.

LocalTone, ColorPopper & ColorDePopper

The LocalTone action allows you to selectively lighten or darken areas of the image under the eye has been lightened in this example).

The ColorPopper and ColorDePopper actions allow you to selectively reduce colour intensity in local areas. In the example the red has been reduced on the nose.

Portrait Kit

Photoshop CS4/CS5/CS6 and CC only