“Contrast Effect” actions

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This new set of actions contains tools for manipulating the local contrast and tonal range of images. Some of
the actions simply apply Contrast Masks to bring contrast levels into an acceptable range for further post processing.
The other actions take the processing much further by applying Local Contrast boost as well as the contrast
masks that can take the image into special effect territory with a look resembling LucisArt/HDR/Tone-Mapping processing.
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Contrast Effects

Before/After Contrast effect

The above example shows the LucisArt/ToneMapped effect fCElayersrom the ContrastEffect III action. The intensity of the effect is adjustable as is the level of detail retained.

By adjusting the various opacities you can vary the masking effect, the intensity of the local contrast boost as well as the level of detail preserved. We have also added a “ColorMod” layer to help counteract any color shifts created alongside the contrast changes.




Taken to extremes (ContrastEffect V Ultra) you can take the image into the illustration category.

Of course you can tone down the effect to make the enhancement more suited to general photography. The three images below show landscapes where a small amount the “ContrastEffect” action has been applied.


Contrast Effect Actions