Borders & Edges

A collection of over 100 borders and edges for use with Photoshop. The edges are supplied as .PSD files with 8 edges in each file (15 packs are available). All the edges can be inverted (for a black or white edge) effectively doubling the number of edges available.

Each edge effect is supplied in 2 resolutions 1800×1440 @240dpi for printing and 800×[email protected] for web/screen display. The files can easily be sized and rotated to fit your images. There is also the option of 3000×2400 @240dpi but on CD only.

You can download pdf files with samples of each border from here.

A guide to using the borders and edges is downloadable from here.

Please note that these are not actions, the orders are supplied as layered PSD files that you manually position over your photo. For a more automated approach check out the BAT!


Borders & Edges