What’s BIP? Photoshop’s great for processing single images but what about handling a full folder (or folders) of images at the same time? Sure it can batch but what about those complicated jobs? Handling borders, textures, watermarks, labelling, sharpening etc? This is where the Batch Image Processor comes in – BIP handles all these tasks and more quickly and easily with enormous versatility.


  • Resizing by width, height, longest edge, shortest edge, specific size.
  • Runs Photoshop actions
  • In-Built processing routines
  • Adds ‘rough’ borders
  • Sharpening
  • BW conversions
  • Additional effect (sepia, glows, highlight protect etc)
  • Creates rounded corners and ‘traditional’ frames
  • Labelling
  • Watermarking
  • Adds copyright info
  • ….and more

Batch Image Processor (BIP)





Requires Photoshop CS4, CS5 or CS6 PC or Mac, 32bit or 64bit  


Video demo on YouTube



  • Resizing – BIP can resize your images in inches or pixels, for web and print and can even crop to specific sizes. You can specify longest edge, shortest edge, height and width and any combination of these.



  • Actions – BIP can run any of your actions at either at the start or end of the processing run. Use the actions already in your palette or create new ones for custom projects.



  • Processing – BIP has inbuilt processing to convert to Black & White, add vignettes, reduce noise and restore image detail.



  • Borders – Like sloppy borders but worried about the time it takes to apply these, position them rotate them to fit? BIP can do all this for you for all the images in your folder regardless of size or orientation. Just select from the supplied borders and click process. It can even add rounded corners to your images or create a traditional frame effect.



  • Sharpening – Choose from the included sharpening methods.


  • Additional Effects – add glows, highlight recovery, sepia tones etc. 

    Some of these would be useful enough on their own but remember you can use these on dozens or hundreds of photos at once.

  • bipadd


  • Labelling – BIP can add custom labels to your images in any font or size, in the borders or as an overlay.



  • Textures – Apply a grunge texture to an entire folder of images in one go – no tedious positioning or resizing.



  • Watermarks – Watermark your images to deter illegal use of your images. BIP lets you add ‘proof’ text, the © symbol or your name and company in a range of custom styles.