Border and Texture Applicator (standard and PLUS editions) – No more tedious rotating and resizing borders, edges and textures!

Version  (CS4/CS5/CS6/CC only) Download the PDF User Guide or the Video Demo


cs5The Border and Texture Applicator supports Photoshop CS4 and later on both PC and Mac and allows you to select and apply borders, edges and textures from a compact user interface.

Previously applying a border or texture required you to open both files, copy the border or texture over your image, rotate it and then resize it to fit.

The Border and Texture does all this for you, it can even apply both a border and texture at the same time, both automatically sized to fit your image, irrespective of size.

It comes with 28 new borders and 34 texture files but can use all your existing border and texture files as well.

You can control the intensty of the texture effect, whether your borders have black edges or white edges (from a single file) and even apply effects at the same time.

The PLUS edition contains all the standard edition features plus the 120 borders and edges from our existing pack (png format) as well as all the textures and actions from Volume X abd the additional texture pack.

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Border & Texture Applicator (BAT)

System Requirements
BAT requires Adobe Photoshop CS4 or later running on either Microsoft Windows or OSX on the Mac. Photoshop CS4 and later 64-bit on 64-bit Windows is also supported.




PLUS edition (as Standard edition + all 120 borders from the Borders & Edges collection + all textures and actions from VolumeX ie 148 border files and 79 texture files in total – 470mb download)

STANDARD edition contains 28 New borders and 34 textures. (120mb download)

bordersampbat textsampbat

Both editions allow you to use your own and any third party borders, edges and textures and will dynamically size and position them.