Professional ‘size-aware’ actions

‘Intelligent’ Photoshop actions for CS2, CS3, CS4 , CS5,  CS6 and CC (Windows & Mac).

The 1-click Pro actions take Photoshop actions to the next level – adding automatic image size awareness as well as greatly increased versatility and control.

Have you noticed how many actions give a different result when run on a web-sized image than when run on a full size print image? In the past this has meant having to have several different versions of the same action. The 1clickPRO actions overcome this problem by detecting the image size and applying settings to suit.

Click to see the 1clickPRO difference Vigsamples

PopGlow Pro

PopGlow pro is an advanced version of the original PopGlow actions from Volume 1 but has far more versatility including size-awareness, highlight protection, shadow protection, edge protection and color shift prevention. Layer masks are created to apply the glow selectively if required.

Controlled Kick applies an overall boost to the image and has options for localised highlight and shadow control for extra versatility.

OldeWorlde II creates the soft faded look of early photography. The action features size-awareness, various tints and tones, variable grain and softness, BW or color options.

Mood Music Soft action

The MoodMusic actions offer a whole range of possibilities, from dark & edgy BW, toned BW, soft muted colors or harsher colors for modern portraiture and fashion. The actions feature size-awareness, highlight and shadow control, tints or natural color with the option of a high degree of control.

Looking Glass action

The Looking Glass action creates a slightly faded high key BW image with optional levels of grain. There is also the option of adding color back with a range of tints.

Razor PS action

The “Razor” actions increase local contrast giving a quick and easy boost to most images without significantly affecting colors. Razor I (seen above with the vignette action) can give an almost 3-D effect, Razor II is a more standard ‘defog’ action.

Pro BW

Notice how the dresses and skin tones change even though they are all the same in the color version. Using the 1clickProBW action lets you simply paint on which channel you want in any area giving complete control over the image’s tonality.

Black and White Super Drama action

The BWSuperDrama action makes a color image into a dramatic BW.  Definitely more suited to landscapes.


System Requirements
1clickPRO actions require Adobe Photoshop CS2 or later running on either Microsoft Windows or OSX on the Mac. Photoshop CS4 and later 64-bit on 64-bit Windows is also supported. 1clickPRO actions are compatible with Action Station on Photoshop CC/CS6/CS5/CS4/CS3 only – on CS2 they can be run from the standard Photoshop action palette as usual.