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Action Station 2 and Photoshop CC2015

The recent updates to Photoshop CC have changed the way that the scripting interface supports images. JPGs are no longer supported only PNG format. This means that if you are using the custom preview image feature of Action Station 2 it is necessary to use 8bit png format preview images rather than jpgs as mentioned in the user guide.

If you have a lot of images set up for use with Action Station 2 you might want to use Photoshop’s Image Processor or our Batch Image Processor to convert the files quickly. The names of the preview images must stay as they were, it is just the file-type (and extension) that needs to change.

Another minor issue with the CC2015 releases is that the new darker themes make the logo in Action Station, Visual series etc display differently. This doesn’t affect the way things work at all just the dialog’s appearance. You can change the logo file yourself (keeping the same name) or get in touch for a replacement file. If you are using the lighter themes with Photoshop CC this shouldn’t be an issue.




Visual series CC2015 update


The Photoshop cc2015 compatibility update for the Visual Actions series is now available. Please get in touch if you require the updated files. This is a free update.

Please note that this is only required if you are using Photoshop CC2015 and processing 16bit images with Visual Color, Visual BW, Visual BAT or Visual 9 Pro – all other products are unaffected.





Visual action and CC2015

The CC2015 of Photoshop introduced some behind the scenes changes that caused a problem with the Visual Series of products – Visual BAT, Visual Color etc – in that the previews didn’t work with 16bit images (8 bit images are ok).

I’ve identified the problem and should have a fix available in the first week in August.

This only applies to CC2015 the CC2014 version didn’t have the issue.


Photoshop CC 2015 – Problems, problems….

I’ve just updates to the new CC 2015 release of Photoshop and in my case at least it seems to have broken quite a few things; action palette has blanks where there used to be actions, script interfaces have changed, Save for Web has moved, all plugins need reinstalling (that’s if they work).



I’m going to do some digging but for the time being at least I’d be tempted to hold off from updating or if you do click the advanced option and don’t allow it to remove the older version.


Just had confirmation from Adobe that there is indeed a bug in the 2015 version action palette. Good news in a way as at least they’ll (hopefully) fix it now that they know about it 🙂



Make some money – become a 1clickactions affiliate

1clickactions affiliate system

We’re looing to set up a new affiliate system where you can link to the 1clickactions site from your website, blog, Facebook page etc and receive a commission when the customer you referred makes a purchase.

Affiliates will have their own area on the 1clickactions site where they can track progress and view their earnings.

Payments will be made to affiliates at the end of each month by PayPal with a commission rate of 20%.

Other than adding the link to their site, emailing it to friends adding it to Facebook etc there’s no work involved.

There’ll be a newsletter out soon with more details but if you want to get in early please get in touch and we’ll get you set up as soon as we can.