Lorna Whitford Photography

Lorna Whitford – Port Elizabeth, SA

Photographer specializing in family, children and maternity/newborn photography.

See more of Lorna’s work at her website – http://lornawhitford.com


Lorna Whitford - Port Elizabeth SA photographer

Port Elizabeth Photographer Lorna Whitford

Lorna Whitford uses 1 Click Actions as part of her workflow and this is what she has to say about her photographic journey:

“I believe in the unique beauty contained in each person I meet, which is why I specialize in what I like to call “people photography”. The challenge for me in each photo shoot I is to bring out that special  quality … . It is what drives my passion  and is also part of the amazing force called Photography. In the never ending quest to capture the perfect image I find my greatest fulfillment  …..the best compliment a client can give me is to say afterwards “Wow…. I really enjoyed my shoot” and “ I never knew I could look like that!”. I like to think it is also the reason why I have been photographing some families for years …what a privilege it is to be invited to be a part of their lives through my photography.

I have been using 1 Click Actions for years and they have become an indispensable part of my post processing. Apart from being really versatile, I find them to be adaptable for all kinds of photography and are extremely user-friendly – something which is important to me because I am largely self-taught and need anything computer-related to be straight forward. I do like to play with different kinds of effects on my images and these actions offer plenty of variety as well having some simple basic favourites which I use in almost every batch of images, such as the classic Warm Black and White Action. John puts so much time and effort into developing his actions and the end result is a collection that is timeless but up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends.”

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