Tutorials for using 1clickactions products

HighKey Black and White Portrait

Tutorial video on creating this high-key black and white portrait in Photoshop using the PortraitKit action set.

Photoshop high-key action

Photoshop High Key Video

There are more examples of images created using this technique in the High Key Black and White Gallery.




“Mood Music Soft” action from 1clickPro

originalAlthough the 1clickPro action set contains fewer actions than many of the 1clickactions releases the actions themselves are quite versatile (and size-aware!) and a single action can create a wide range of possible outcomes.

Here’s a look at some of the possibilities available with the MoodMusic Soft action starting with the original image to the right.

The gallery images below show just a selection of the options available just by turning the various layers on and off. You can of course get even more possibilities by varying the individual layer’s opacity.

A screen shot of the layers palette is overlaid on the images to give an idea of what’s possible. Just click the images below to view the gallery.