Action Station 2 and Photoshop CC2015

The recent updates to Photoshop CC have changed the way that the scripting interface supports images. JPGs are no longer supported only PNG format. This means that if you are using the custom preview image feature of Action Station 2 it is necessary to use 8bit png format preview images rather than jpgs as mentioned in the user guide.

If you have a lot of images set up for use with Action Station 2 you might want to use Photoshop’s Image Processor or our Batch Image Processor to convert the files quickly. The names of the preview images must stay as they were, it is just the file-type (and extension) that needs to change.

Another minor issue with the CC2015 releases is that the new darker themes make the logo in Action Station, Visual series etc display differently. This doesn’t affect the way things work at all just the dialog’s appearance. You can change the logo file yourself (keeping the same name) or get in touch for a replacement file. If you are using the lighter themes with Photoshop CC this shouldn’t be an issue.