Major changes ahead

The next few weeks should see quite a few changes at 1clickactionsm, with new releases and pricing changes to some of the older items.

As many of you will be aware some of the actions have been available for several years and whilst they are still perfectly functional they are no longer “the latest thing” so we’ll be offering many of the sets at greatly reduced prices some of them will be available free or on a “pay what you like basis”. There’ll be more details coming shortly but if you are looking to purchase any items at the moment please get in touch first and there might be a pleasant surprise when it comes to the pricing.

There will also be a new action set coming soon as well as the long delayed “modular toolbox” where you can build you own “actions” by combining elements from the toolkit. This will probably be available in both a visual and standard version (one with previews and one without). The basic idea will be similar to Script Box on steroids.