Visual Bundle

Visual Bundle – all four Visual actions sets for $99.95

The visual actions bundle offers four great products for one great price.

Get all four Visual Action products for $99.95



Visual Bundle

Ideal Impressions 1clickactions gallery

Photographers wanted – get featured on 1clickactions

If any 1clickactions users are interested in having a featured slot on the 1clickactions website please get in touch. A couple of galleries are already live on the site but it would be good to feature a few more. It would be a good showcase for your work and a good link back to your website/blog/Facebook page etc.


The 1clickactions gallery pages

We’ve now added a few extra gallery pages with images from photographers using 1clickactions products and also a few more examples of what’s possible with some of the actions.

If you want to take a quick look then check out our 1clickactions gallery pages.


“Mood Music Soft” action from 1clickPro

originalAlthough the 1clickPro action set contains fewer actions than many of the 1clickactions releases the actions themselves are quite versatile (and size-aware!) and a single action can create a wide range of possible outcomes.

Here’s a look at some of the possibilities available with the MoodMusic Soft action starting with the original image to the right.

The gallery images below show just a selection of the options available just by turning the various layers on and off. You can of course get even more possibilities by varying the individual layer’s opacity.

A screen shot of the layers palette is overlaid on the images to give an idea of what’s possible. Just click the images below to view the gallery.



new website

Live at last – the new look 1clickactions website

It took a long while (far too long) but we’ve finally gone live with the new 1clickactions website.

The old look had served us well for a number of years but didn’t display at all well on mobiles and tablets but the new design should scale effectively to any device.

Please feel to point out any errors you might find as there’s certain to be one or two (dozen!) .

There’s still s few additions yet including a couple more featured photographer galleries that will be in place over the next week or so but the main parts should be fully functional now.

If you would like your own photos to be featured (together with links to your own websites, Facebook pages etc) then please get in touch.