Border Maker

Had a few questions regarding the Border Maker program mentioned in the Newsletter. It will be available soon (very cheap!) – the version for CS4 works fine already and is just about ready for release. Unfortunately CS5 and CS6 changed a few things and this is the cause of the delay.
The image below is an example of a Border Maker generated border – cool thing is each one is different. You can apply it to the open image or use an open image file (textures are good) to generate borders for use on other images. It’s not going to be a major release but it is good fun (it appeals to me anyway but perhaps I should just get out more).


Visual Black and White on sale now.

The first of the ‘Visual Series’ – Visual Black and White  went on sale today at $34.95. Existing customers should have received a newsletter with the discount code.

Visual BW includes around 25 color to BW conversion routines, over 20 toning effects (including some interesting vintage simulations) and over 20 borders and edges . All elements can be run separately or in combination (so that’s a lot of possible variations!) and the result can be previewed on your own photo so you can check out the result before you run it.

You can add your own borders and edges too – Visual BW will size and position them for you automatically (à la VBW) and you get to preview the results.