Batch Image Processor now available.

More details of the program at the Batch Image Processor website and also at the B.I.P. page at the 1clickactions site.
Newsletters have gone out already with the 30% discount code for existing 1clickactions customers.

Just to clear up a little confusion – it CAN output jpgs and PSDs to separate folders at the same time. So for example you can resize the jpgs and leave the PSDs full size, add a watermark to just the jpgs and so on.


Action Station 2 and multiple actions

A couple of Action Station 2 users have pointed out that on rare occasions an action will be run twice when run through Action Station 2.

The reason you might see this is you have the same action set installed more than once in your palette. Action Station creates a tag for each action based on the set name and action name (an internal tag might be something like myactionset1_myfirstaction) this system lets you assign keywords unique to each action; so you can have an action called ‘sepia’ in more than one set and Action Station 2 lets you add different keywords to each action.
However if you have the same set installed twice then the identifier tag is duplicated and since Action Station uses these tags to run the action the action will run twice.

So in summary you can have the duplicated action names (eg 2 actions called ‘sepia’ in different sets) or even duplicated set names (eg ‘blackandwhite’) but you shouldn’t have both.

You don’t need the same set installed twice but you might forget and install it again. So if you do get the same action running more than once this is the cause.