User group update

Just updated the software so it might look a little different from now on. There’s also a discount for user group members – emails on their way.


BAT 1.2 now available

What’s new in version 1.2

1. Added support for exterior borders. The Border & Texture Applicator (BAT) can now size
and position borders that have straight internal edges that are intended to fit around the
image rather than over the edges of the image.

2. Ability to remember last used position. BAT will now reopen at the screen position where
it was last used rather than at screen center.

3. Added ability to remove texture locally but leave behind the texture’s color.

4. Added option to apply textures in BW even if they are colored texture files.

5. Added several ‘exterior’ style edges.

6. Added Color Glow effect option when applying textures.

7. Added automatic installer. Other than the Photoshop launch action all files are copied to
the correct location on your hard disk by the install program.