Photoshop CS5 and action errors

There’s a slight issue for anyone using Photoshop CS5 in that not all the brushes that were installed by default with CS4 are there in the new version. This will throw an error with any action that calls for a specific brush.

The ‘Tooth Fairy’ action in Volume 3 is an example of this and will display an error message when used with CS5.

How to deal with this problem?

Option 1: Uncheck the step that calls for the particular brush.
Option 2: Install the brush.
Option 3: Let me know and I’ll send you an updated action.


No power

Apologies for the delay in answering emails yesterday. Our internet connection was transferred to cable and then we had a power cut.

Now the faster connection is up and running we should be in a position to start the online 1to1 training we mentioned a while ago.