Up and running again

The server changeover is now completed with all the 1click sites now running on the new server(s). We managed to keep the downtime to less than 15 minutes thanks to the help from EUKHost.


Website changeover

There’s the possibility that the 1clickactions website/forum/blog will be down for a while over the next day or two (11th-12th Feb 2010) whilst our hosting is transferred to a new server (or servers)- we’ll be trying to keep this to a minimum but it’s likely a short period offline will occur.



Downloads area

As you might have noticed we’ve been having a few problems with the Downloads and Gallery area of the 1clickactions User Group. The issue has been resolved and bothe are working again.

Just to remind everyome that there a few free downloads of actions, tutorials etc in the downloads section that all user group members can access.