…the website that is. What I was informed was a hardware problem that was supposed to take 30 minutes ended up being 5 hours because noone at our host estarted the DNS nameservers so unless you knew the IP address of the 1clickactions site then you would be able to access any of the pages.



Free borders

Its been a little quiet recently but we should have a short newsletter out in the next week or so with an update to the free section for existing customers. There’s likely to be a few new borders and edges available for free download.


A useful shortcut

Many of you will know this already but it’s one we get asked quite often so here goes.
Often it is useful to create a new layer that is a summary of all the other layers so that you can manipulate it is some way. The easy way to do this is with the keyboard short cut Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E you can then follow this with Ctrl-Shift-] (thats a square bracket at the end) which will then move the new layer to the top of the stack.


Opinions and suggestions please…

I’ve just posted on the User Group asking for suggestions on how to run the competitions (if at all) in the future. Everyone is welcome to pass on their thought at



July 2009 competition – voting

We’ve just closed the July 2009 competition to new entries and the voting for the winer is now open. Please take a minute or two to look at the entries and cast your vote for the winner.
1clickactions competition