A good example

I don’t keep up with the Flick Group as often as I should but I’ve just spotted a pretty good shot using the contrast effects and the Lost in the Wood freebie. Here’s the link.


1clickactions discounts

There is currently 17½% discount for 1clickactions customers by using the code “archive” at the checkout.


DVD and The Works discounts.

If you received a discount quote on the works or the DVD that has expired then please contact us and I’ll extend the date for you.


New competition in the Use Group

We’ve just started a new competition to win a free set of actions in the 1-click actions user group As usual the competition is free to enter and the winner will be decided by a poll of forum members.

If you want to enter please visit the 1-click actions competition page.


Spam posts on the user group

Unfortunatley we have been hit by a lot of spam posts at the1-click actions User Group. In an attempt to stop this all new members will have to validated by an admin before they can login. In most cases it will just mean there is a slight delay before you can post messages. Existing members will be unaffected.

I’ve also had a purge by deleting a few members who looked “suspicious”, if your account has been deleted by mistake then sorry, please email and I’ll reinstate you.

Of course it would be better if the sad individuals who post all the spam would get a life but until then we’ll have to do it the hard way.



1-click Training

There’s been quite a bit of feedback regarding the one-to-one training we referred to in the recent survey we conducted.
There’s no start date as yet but it will definitely be something we will be offering in the near future. The initial offerings will be an introduction to layers and masks for both general use and how they relate to 1-click actions and also an “action creating” lesson. This will likely be a chance to create actions for yourself whilst being directed remotely. We’ll show you how to create a simple action from scratch and also how to create a more advanced action “PopGlow Pro” – an enhanced version of our popular PopGlow action.

Hopefully we’ll be able to provide a few more details in the next couple of weeks.