Lightroom..RAW and JPG differences.

Although long overdue we are still intending to release a set of Lightroom presets. One potential problem (for some) is the way that Lightroom treats RAW files differently to JPG files when it comes to applying presets.
As an example convert a RAW file to a JPG in Camera Raw (or any converter as far as I’m aware) and save it to your disk. Then in Lightroom open the jpg and the RAW file – they should both look the same. Now apply a preset, try the Sepia Tone that is supplied with Lightroom, to both the RAW file and the JPG file. I think you’ll find the results are vastly different.
This obviously creates a problem when using presets; do we supply presets for RAW, JPGs or both? It’s easy to get bogged down in presets without having two versions of everything.
There is a work-around (I think) – convert your jpg to a DNG file (Export as DNG from within Lightroom) and then apply the preset and it works as per the RAW file even though it isn’t a true RAW file once it’s been converted from a JPG.

So far our preference is to go for one set of presets (for RAW files) but I’d be interested to canvas a few opinions on how they feel about it.