Happy Christmas Everyone.

Just like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and all the best for the new year.


Christmas Ordering

Just a quick word regarding ordering over the holidays. It’s too late now for DVDs to arrive before the holiday to non-UK locations so please allow extra time for delivery. The DVDs will still be shipped out immediately but delivery is in the hands of the local mail services.

Other than the DVDs all our items can still be ordered as normal during the holiday – even on Christmas Day. So if you’re particularly disappointed with your presents this year why not buy yourself some actions? You should still receive your download link within a few minutes of ordering all through the holiday.

Gift vouchers will be issued withing 24 hours of ordering (usually much less) so there’s still time for last minute presents.


Christmas Newsletter

Yesterday we sent out our Christmas newsletter but as usual there’s a fair chance many of them never arrived and ended up in the spam or junk folders so if you haven’t received one that’s the place to look.

There’s a link for a free set of actions and also a free gift voucher so it’s worth having (well I think it is!).



Support system – an apology

I’ve recently noticed a problem with our support system that I inadvertantly intoduced when we moved over to 64-bit Windows. Basically it means that those tickets I replied to via the 64bit system never got posted – so a few people might have been waiting ages for a reply even though I thought I’d sent them one.
Those I replied to via the old 32-bit system should have received answers promptly.

So apologies to those who never received a reply.



Ordering problems – Important Message

It has just been brought to our attention that there might have been a problem with our ordering system and McAfee Site Security Advisor software. Our online ordering is handled by Plimus.com who have proved reliable and efficient. However it seems that the Plimus.com domain has been incorrectly marked unsecure (or “Red Flagged”) by McAfee.

This problem has been rectified and I have copied the email I have received from Plimus with a fuller explanation. Please rest assured that the ordering system is, and always has been fully secure. Apologies to anyone wh tried to order and was deterred by the McAfee issue.

Copy of e-mail from Plimus.com to 1click actions dated Dec 4th 2008:

“As you may be aware, McAfee Site Advisor recently incorrectly applied a red flag to the plimus.com domain. We are writing to let you know that the incorrect flag has been removed, and that the domain is once again properly listed as secure to use. Additionally, the McAfee Secure badge will display properly on designated order pages.


Plimus takes the security of our users, as well as your e-business, extremely seriously. For this reason, we contract with McAfee Secure to scan and monitor our pages, to ensure we do not provide insecure links or downloads. A key reason for using this service is to avoid situations where we might be red-flagged by Site Advisor. Unfortunately, McAfee Site Advisor is apparently unaware of the commitments made by the Secure division, and red-flagged plimus.com in error.


Solving this problem required a substantial commitment of time and resources by Plimus, as removing an erroneous red flag is not something that McAfee’s internal processes are well-designed for. We eventually worked directly with high-level McAfee executives, who were able to cut through their own red tape to both solve our immediate problem, and to make commitments to avoid future occurrences.


We apologize for any disruption this incorrect listing by Site Advisor may have caused you. We are committed to continuing to monitor both McAfee Secure and Site Advisor to ensure that their commitments to us are appropriately executed. It is our current belief that McAfee’s commitments will eliminate the risk of plimus.com being red-flagged in the future.Very Best Regards


The Plimus Team “


End of copy.