November competition – last chance to vote.

The voting for the November competition in the 1-click actions User Group ends this weekend. Anyone wanting to cast a lst minute vote can do so at


DVDs for Christmas

Just a reminder that anyone wanting the 1-click actions DVD shouldn’t leave it too near to the Christmas holidays as there will be the inevtitable postage delays. Plenty of time left yet though.

We can also offer the DVDs giftwrapped and posted direct if anyone is interested in buying for family or friends.  Please email for more details.



Free Photoshop Layers Guide

There’s a free beginners guide to using Photoshop layers available here.


Missing newsletters

As some of you will know we sent out newsletters recently with the Volume 8 discount codes. It seems that quite a few of these never arrive. According to the stats we are provided from the company that handles the newsletters only about 40% are ever opened. Apparently this is a very good result but it sounds a bit on the rubbish side to me.

So if you are among the 60% who never got the newsletter and would like the discount codes and so on please let me know.


Beginners guide to layers download

I’ve just added a beginners guide to layers to the download area at the 1-clickactions User Group Its a free download and gives a gentle introduction to using layers in Photoshop and in particular with respect to 1-click actions.


New actions Volume 8

At last the gap between volumes 7 and 9 has been filled with the introduction of Volume 8. The actions should be on sale in a few days time but there are examples and a downloadable guide on the website already.


User Group competition November 2008

We’ve just started a new competition in the 1clickactions User Group to win a $50 voucher. The competition is open to all forum members. To enter visit and reply to the post with your entry.

The winner will be decided as usual by an open vote by forum members.