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At the risk of alienating some people…

….here’s a George W. Bush joke that came my way.

With his days in the White House drawing to a close George W Bush has been looking for a part time job to make ends meet. He sees an advert for a general handyman so goes for an interview. The man who placed the ad asks him if he is any good at painting.

“Great” says George.

“OK then, as a test I want you to paint my porch bright yellow as I’m fed up with the red color – if you do it well the the job’s yours.”

George takes a brush and a tin of yellow gloss paint and 30 minutes later he comes back and says he finished.

“That was quick!” says the man “I thought it would take hours.”

“It wasn’t a big job” says George, “one thing though, that’s a Ferrari not a  Porsche.”



Please feel free to substitute George W for anyone you choose.


WordPress 2.6

Amazingly enough the upgrade worked smoothly. I’ve moved to Firefox now for blog as it seems to be more reliable in handling media files. I suppose we could give IE7 a retry with the upgrade to see it the problem with uploading images has been cured. Then again why bother…Firefox is not so bad…


Free Lightroom Presets

I’ve just posted a few Lightroom presets on the . There’s a couple of BW conversions, a faded colour effect and a gentle cross-process effect.



$50 competition

Just a reminder that the July competition is now running in the 1-click user group – – the prize this time is a $50 gift voucher valid against any of our products.

Only one entry so far so its well worth a shot.