1-clickactions forum changes

There are likely to be a few problems accessing the forums for a while whilst we change the forum software over to IPB. If all goes well the downtime should be minimal, but apologies for any inconvenience in the meatime.


Website links

I know from time to time some of our customers use the actions to retouch images on various discussion forums, Flickr etc.

I’d be interested in seeing any of these so please send me any links to any pictures you’ve retouched.



Volume 3 free update.

I think that all those who have asked for the Volume 3 update have been sent it, so if you have emailed us we should have answered by now. If not please try emailing again as you’ve slipped through the net.


Lucis Art? HDR? Gimic?

Lucisart effect in Photoshop

I’m still not sure on the Lucis, fake HDR type image but we have done a set of actions that attempt to simulate the Lucis look. This image is from one of our Pseudo HDR actions, no Lucis, No Photomatix etc. – just the action.

There’s still some work to be done I think, the halos can be a bit problematic and a few other quirks but here’s what the No2 HDR action does so far. This is at a pretty high strength but it can be turned down for a more realistic effect.


Volume 3 update – again.

Just to remind everyone that the Volume 3 update only applies to those who have the original Volume 3. If you only bought Volume 5 for example there is no need to redownload as the update is only included with the Volume 3 download either bought separately or as one of the combo packs that included Volume 3.

Just thought I ought to point this out to save your time and my bandwidth 🙂



Volume 3 (Portrait actions) – Update

We’ve finalised the Volume 3 update with a few new actions for skin retouching including one that attempts do the retouching without a selection so it might be useful for quick proofs. There also the “slimming pill” action that could shed a few pounds here and there. There’s no documentation as yet unfortunately, I’ll add a few notes later.

The update is free to existing Volume 3 customers and can be downloaded now. Customers who purchased from the www.1clickactions.com  site via Plimus can redownload the actions using their existing username/password, the update is included in the new download. Customers who ordered via PayLoadz (ie from the www.mountphoto.co.uk site) should email for details.


Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Some of you may know of my ongoing struggles with Windows Vista so after a full backup to a remote drive I yesterday took the plunge and installed SP1 and much to my surprise it went smoothly and installed without problems on a desktop and a laptop. So hopefully this will make Vista what it should have been in the first place…time will tell.


Forthcoming releases

There should be an update to Volume 3 in the next few weeks, with one or two new actions. The update will be free to all existing Volume 3 customers and any new customers who purchase Volume 3 before the new actions are added will also get the update.

There will also be the Tone Curves coming out in the next few weeks, these will be free to the 1-click DVD owners.

After that hopefully the Lightroom and Camera Raw presets will see the light of day followed by another set of actions that might be called Volume 8 (but then again they might be called Volume 11).


Toning curves

We should have a few tone curves available soon, no actions just the curves. Apply them to your completed BW image for a different look to the image.

Curves for toning BW images


Photoshop Elements

We get quite a few enquiries regarding the use of 1click actions with Photoshop Elements but we’ve always said that they are not compatible. This is not 100% accurate as several actions probably do work with a little effort.

If anyone has used the 1-click actions with Photoshop Elements please let me know as you might save me a some work.