Newsletter bounces

It seems that most newsletteres have arrived but there have been quite a few bounces especially from Yahoo addresses. I’ve tried to send these out manually with a different account but there are still some that have bounced back.

If you are an existing customer and haven’t received the newsletteres recently then let me know.


Extra actions added

3 more actions added to Volume 9, lighter versions of the SepiaIR, CopperIR and Blue IR to make them more suitable for portraits.


Newsletter and the “1click-Utilities” action set.

We’ve sent out a newsletter with a new action set attached – the “1click-Utilities”.  There seems to have been a problem with the emails in that they are taking hours to arrive – if at all. If you are an existing customer and don’t receive the newsletter in the next few days let me know and I’ll re-send it.

The actions included are just a few simple utilities (edge masks, highlight masks etc) that might be useful to you if you already know what edge masks are but the main aim is that some of our new actions and also some updates to older ones will call on these utilities rather than having to duplicate routines in several actions. If you do install them please do not rename any of the actions or the layer set itself. The actions do no harm so you can just install them and forget about them  or play with them if you wish.


The new action set – Volume 9?

We had hoped to have the new release available today but it might be another week or so – latest target is the end of February.

I’m not really sure what to call the new set, we’ve had volumes 1-7 then the volume 2 add-on pack (volume 8?) and the texture actions Volume X (10) so I suppose it’ll have to be volume 9 for want of anything better. I’ll try and post a few sample images in the next day or so.