Professional photographer Ryan Bensheimer of Ideal Impressions uses 1clickactions

Ryan is a professional photographer with 20 years experience based at Lake Geneva, WI. Specializing in top notch wedding and event photography Ideal Impressions uses a blend of photojournalistic and traditional photography. Ryan has photographed in 29 countries and all 50 US states and travels worldwide for engagement and wedding shoots.

To see more of Ryans’s work visit his portfolio page at Ryan Bensheimer Portfolio and also the Ideal Impressions Website.

Ideal Impressions use a variety of 1click actions in their work and if you like to find out more about them you can download a Question and Answer document here.

Ideal Impressions and 1clickactions

Top professional photographer Ryan Bensheimer from Ideal Impressions uses 1clickactions products

Here’s what they have to say about 1clickactions:

“I just want to say your actions are incredibly well done. I own Ideal Impressions Photography which has 8 photographers and shoots 150 weddings every year. Our claim to fame is to set up flat panel LCD’s and data projectors and screens everywhere during the reception and have images of the couple and family flashing at strategic locations throughout the reception. The evening gets started just before the first dance when we show a slideshow on huge screens with photos and video of the couples lives together finished with 30-50 images and video that we have just caught. As you can imagine keeping a super fast automated workflow is crucial to our success on the wedding day. I have purchased and researched every available tool from David Jay’s Showit to Kevin Kubota’s action’s and I have to say that your 1click’s are the simplest to use, quickest, and in my opinion overall best I have seen.

About this time last year I compiled a list of scripts and actions on our “workhorse” laptop. I encouraged our two editors to move actions that they used the most and found to be the favorite to the top of the actions list where they are quickly accessible, last week I looked at them and nearly all of them where 1click’s! Nice Job John. Keep up the great work.” 

All photos below ©Ideal Impressions

All photos ©Ideal Impressions